Have you ever wondered what kind of Facebook ads your competitors are running?
Or did you ever try to set up a Facebook ad but needed some inspiration?
Facebook seems to always be rolling out updates and they are testing a new update so that you can view the Facebook ads that a business is currently running.

As of today, this feature is only available to people in Canada and you can only see ads being shown in Canada. I first thought that I could only see ads on Canadian companies, but I can also see ads running on pages from other countries, as long as they have ads running in Canada.

Why is Facebook Testing This Ad Update?

Facebook says that they are testing this update because they want to make advertising more transparent on its platforms. With this update, anyone can view the ads that a Page is running even if you aren’t in the intended audience for that business.
Facebook is constantly trying to make the experience better for its users, and allowing people to be able to see the ads that a business page is running, even if that ad isn’t intended for them, makes the platform more transparent and open.

How do I view a Page’s ads?

 If you want to see what ads a page is currently running, I created a quick tutorial for you.
Simply go to the Facebook page that you want to check out their ads, locate the tabs on the left-hand side and scroll down to Ads.
On my Facebook page, you can see that I don’t currently have any ads running, so there won’t be anything to show.
new facebook ads update november 2017
If you visit a Facebook Page and it has this message, either:
  • the page doesn’t have ads running,
  • the ads they do have running aren’t in Canada (or once this rolls out, to your country)
  • their ads aren’t available on your device
  • the page is running offer ads or dynamic ads

When you visit a page that does have ads running, this is what you will see:

facebook ads update see pages ads

Facebook ad examples from Home Hardware

How can businesses use this Facebook ads update?

If your business is considering running a Facebook ad, you can use this update to your advantage.

  • Check out large brands and see what they are doing and what type of ads they are running (image versus video)
  • See what your competitors are doing (and do something better!)
  • Get ideas and inspiration for your own ads

What do you think of this new Facebook ads update? Do you find it useful? Will you use it? Let me know in the comments!

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