Most consumers have a skill that they may not even realise they utilise, but they do, and they utilise it daily. Put simply, consumers are thoroughly skilled in ignoring marketing and promotional speak. After all, not every business can offer the best and most promising product or service, can they?

In other words, consumers are able to ignore marketing unless they feel it’s relevant to them, or offers something new. We’ve become so adept at seeing when promotional language is being used that we tend to be hesitant and dilute it a little in our own minds when expecting the actual quality of the product. If we took that language at face value, we would be fooled into thinking our local fast food joint had the most gourmet meals available in the city.

The value of humility and humanity in your marketing, then, can allow you to fight back against this hollow corporate jargon, and begin to light some passion into your branding once more. Any successful marketer tries to be fresh, interesting, and worthwhile going forward. Let’s consider how they might achieve that via this method.

Use A Brand Ambassador

Sure, your brand may look approachable and accessible, but is it human? Let’s say you run a law firm, in an industry known for ruthless professionalism. Ensuring a friendly video greeting from the partners of your firm is placed at the forefront of your website can show who may be taking on a specific case. As such, the trust can grow from the very first impression you give, which is especially important for companies like this that need to offer themselves as the solution to a problem. It’s best if the owners of a firm serves as its representatives, as this adds that worthwhile authenticity.

Consider Your Product Listings

In general, companies tend to be very sanitised in how they present their information, even about the products they’ve spent time curating. It’s okay to write with passion provided you make use of brevity. For instance – what was the lab process like in curating this particular supplement? What goal did you try to aim for? What problem were you aiming to solve? How is this iteration of the product better than the last design? The more you can answer these questions, or answer them in your writing (perhaps aided by the use of a freelance copywriter agency) you can inject that passion straight into the excitable perspective of your would-be customers. With proper web design from Red Spot Design, you can move forward with care.

It’s Okay To Admit Fault & To Resolve Issues

The worst thing you can be as a business is brittle, as if an issue occurs, it’s best to be honest and transparent and work to a solution. This has the effect of helping any possible customer feel as though their feedback is worthwhile to you.

You may offer these communications privately, or perhaps make public statements should an issue occur (such as logistics strikes causing deliveries to be delayed). The more you can be effective in your messaging, especially when issues are present, the more ready your customers are to trust you.

With this advice, you’re certain to unlock and utilise the humanising value of your marketing.