Social media is an important part of a total marketing strategy. It requires a good understanding of the goal of your business, who your audience is, and how to engage with your audience so that they read and share your content.

Here are some DIY Social Media for Business Tips + a FREE 12-Page Guide.

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Why should I use social media for my business?

Using social media allows businesses the opportunity to connect with an audience they normally wouldn’t have the chance to. There are many social media platforms, all with similar goals- to be social, to engage, to connect, educate and inform.

Think about what would happen if you decided not to be online, or not focus on creating a strong social media presence. A potential client goes onto Facebook or does a search for you and they find …. A competitor… yikes

Almost worse than not being found online is being found online with a bad presence.

What is a ‘bad’ online presence?

  • You haven’t posted to your profiles in months
  • Your accounts are full of spammy comments
  • There are unanswered customer questions
  • Incomplete profiles
  • Broken links
diy social media for business incomplete profiles

Would you connect with an egg? Complete your social media profiles completely and add professional images.


Whether you are just starting to set up your social media accounts or are just starting to take over the management of those accounts, there is always an opportunity to learn how to do things better.

How to Get Started with Social Media

There are a few steps when starting with social media, and managing your social media accounts for your business.

  • Determining what your goals and objectives are for social media.
  • Know your audience.
  • Determine which social platform is best for your business.
  • Understand what your message is.
  • Create your plan and execute it.
  • Have clear, actionable steps.
  • Monitor and measure your results.
  • Revise your strategy and posts if necessary.

Understand the different platforms

Once you decide your goals and the platforms that will work best for you and your business, you want to make sure your branding and messaging is consistent across the board. You don’t want it to be all the same, but recognizable to your business.

You want your content to be slightly different on each platform so that it fits with the audience that is there. For example, on Facebook, people are scrolling through their feed, so if you use videos, consider using captions so that if videos are viewed without sound, people still understand what’s happening. However, videos on YouTube should have sound included. A video on Facebook (if done well) would generally be a lot longer than a simple Instagram video.

When using Twitter, you want to make sure you use relevant, useful hashtags. On Instagram, using 5-10 relevant, useful hashtags is very common. However, on LinkedIn, if you use hashtags in your content, it really isn’t as useful or necessary.

Tools to help make DIY social media easier

There are tonnes of cool tools out there to help make using social media easier. Depending on the task you are completing, there is everything from content idea tools, scheduling, image creation, and hashtag discovery tools.

Content Idea Tools

Free Stock Photo Sites

Image Creation Sites

Basically, for a DIY social media strategy:

  • Have a plan/ overall strategy
  • Have a clear understanding of the platform you want to use
  • Clear goal for each platform
  • Use easy-to-use tools to save time
  • Measure your results and alter your posts
  • Have a great online presence!

Need more information? Download the DIY Social Media for Business Guide.

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