Are you looking for ways to increase your engagement on social media?

Want some easy ways to create more content that your customers love?

Including your customers into your social media content strategy is a sure-fire way to not only increase engagement, but to leave them wanting more content from you.

I’m going to show you four ways to create interesting, entertaining content for your social media audiences, plus how to create content using the suggestions of your audience.


#1 Interactive Content

Shonduras on Snapchat is a master at incorporating his audience into his Snapchat story and using their feedback and answers to provide content.

This interactive content is not only entertaining but he can use his audiences’ feedback as his content. Genius.


Shonduras uses fun, interactive content on Snapchat to turn a regular old holiday post and incorporates his audience to create more content for him to share.

You could ask for your followers to share a story with you, submit a photo or video, or submit a drawing. Interactive content is fun and different and will grab your audiences’ attention.


#2 Answer FAQ’s

Video is huge right now and live videos on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and Instagram are where viewers’ attention is. When you go live, answering questions helps to increase the engagement and build your community, but it can also give you great insight into what your audience wants more of.

Are you getting a specific question on your live videos all the time? Or maybe you have a Facebook group and this question comes up almost daily. Chances are, if you created content around this, it would be well-received.

Kim Garst did this live Facebook video based on a question she received in her Facebook group.

Not only did Kim give a shoutout to one of her valued members, but she answered a question, gave great value, and she didn’t even have to think up this content, it was asked by her community.

Kim Garst uses audience questions to create amazing live videos that have a very high level of engagement.

You could also gather a few FAQ’s and do one monster video or blog post about them, or ask those people asking the question if they would create videos that you could use within your own social media content.

Maple Hill Farm, a business that sells Maple Syrup in Sudbury, would be a perfect business to share fun and interesting FAQ’s about maple syrup, or do a kids version, where kids send in their question, and they answer.

#3 Analyze Your Content

Have you ever really looked at your website analytics?

Taking a look at your own content and what’s already working can immediately give you some great insight into what’s working well and what your audience wants more of.

When you go to your Google Analytics account, pay close attention to the behaviour of your readers and what blog posts or pages they are not only visiting most but spending the most time on.

Chances are you have some blog posts that are getting huge amounts of traffic, or at least more significant than other posts. You can take those posts and turn into a great lead magnet to offer to get more email subscribers, you could write an update to those posts, or you could take pieces of that content and turn into other content like social media posts, Live videos, Instagram Stories, podcast episodes or YouTube videos.


#4 Go for the Ask

People love giving their input, so simply asking your audience a question can give you amazing product feedback and give you content to share on social media.

Some creative ways to ask for feedback:

  • Questions- using graphics, videos, animated graphics, GIF’s
  • Polls
  • FAQ Friday
  • Focus Friday- shout out to people who answered questions
  • Contests

By giving your community a chance to answer a question, and then rewarding them by giving them a shoutout (and maybe even sending them a prize), this creates valuable content for you, and creates a more close-knit community.

Creating a community and then building and nurturing that community is so important on social media.

Incorporating feedback and insights from customers not only gives you some amazing content to share on your own platforms, but chances are, it will be highly shareable within your community because the content was based on who is most important- your audience.

Do you incorporate your customers’ into your social media? Do you have any creative ways to share? Comment below.