Having a hard time filling up your social media calendar?

Do you take advantage of holiday and special event posts?

Incorporating holidays into your social media posts is a fun way to add some personality to your social media marketing, and gives you ideas for things to post when you just have no idea of what to post.

Here are some of the main 2018 holidays for social media posts to fill your posting calendar.


New Years Day: 1

World Day of Peace: 1

National Buffet Day: 2

National Motivation and Inspiration Day: 2

National Personal Trainer Awareness Day: 2

Drinking Straw Day: 3

Trivia Day: 4

Bird Day: 5

National Screenwriters Day: 5

National Technology Day: 6

National Bobblehead Day: 7

National Tempura Day: 7

Bubble Bath Day: 8

Midwife’s Day or Women’s Day: 8

National Clean Off Your Desk Day: 8

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day: 10

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day: 11

Kiss A Ginger Day: 12

Make Your Dream Come True Day: 13

National Sticker Day: 13

National Vision Board Day: 13

International Kite Day: 14

Dress Up Your Pet Day: 14

Organize Your Home Day: 14

Martin Luther King Day: 15

Appreciate A Dragon Day: 16

Kid Inventors’ Day:  17

Thesaurus Day: 18

Get to Know Your Customers Day: 18

Popcorn Day: 19

National Disc Jockey Day: 20

National Hugging Day: 21

World Snow Day: 21

National Handwriting Day: 23

National Pie Day: 23

Belly Laugh Day: 24

National Compliment Day: 24

National Irish Coffee Day: 25

Opposite Day: 25

Thank Your Mentor Day: 25

Fun at Work Day: 26

Holocaust Memorial Day: 27

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day: 27

Data Privacy Day: 28

Curmudgeons Day: 29

Freethinkers Day: 29

Library Shelfie Day: 29

National Puzzle Day: 29

National Plan For A Vacation Day: 30

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day: 31

January is a perfect time to share posts about getting organized, starting a new year, and how to plan out your year.


Change Your Password Day: 1

Bubble Gum Day: 2

Groundhog Day: 2

Take Your Child To The Library Day: 3

Popcorn Day: 4

Weatherman’s Day: 5

Canadian Maple Syrup Day: 6

Ballet Day: 7

National Signing Day: 7

Laugh and Get Rich Day: 8

National Girls & Women in Sports Day: 8

Opera Day: 8

National Pizza Day: 9

National Bagel Day: 9

International Day of Women and Girls in Science: 11

National Inventors Day: 11

Clean Out Your Computer Day: 12

International Pancake Day: 13

Mardi Gras: 13

Valentines Day: 14

National Gum Drop Day: 15

National Hippo Day: 15

National Almond Day: 16

Random Acts of Kindness Day: 17

National Drink Wine Day: 18

Best Friends Day: 19

Love Your Pet Day: 20

National Margarita Day: 22

Digital Learning Day: 23

National Dog Biscuit Day: 23

National Dance Day: 24

National Cupcake Day (Canada): 26

International Polar Bear Day: 27

Pink Shirt Day: 28


National Peanut Lovers Day: 1

Dr. Seuss Day: 2

Employee Appreciation Day: 2

National Salesperson Day: 2 

Princess Day: 3

National Grammar Day: 4

National Poutine Day: 5

National Dress Day: 6

National Cereal Day: 7

International Women’s Day: 8

Get Over It Day: 9

International Day of Awesomeness: 10

Daylight Savings Time Begins: 11  (Turn Ahead 1 Hour)  @2:00 am

World Plumbing Day: 11

Napping Day: 12 

International Ask A Question Day: 14

National Pie Day: 14

Potato Chip Day: 14

Companies That Care Day: 15

World Sleep Day: 16

National Irish Coffee Day: 17 

St. Patrick’s Day: 17

Awkward Moments Day: 18

National Certified Nurses Day: 19

World Storytelling Day: 20

Twitter Day: 21

National Single Parent Day: 21

National Puppy Day: 23

Earth Hour: 24

Pecan Day: 25

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: 26

Purple Day: 26

Little Red Wagon Day: 29

Doctors Day: 30

Pencil Day: 30

National Crayon Day: 31

In March you can focus on March break, promoting activities for kids and families, and the start of spring (certain areas).


April Fools Day: 1

National Fun Day: 1

International Children’s Book Day: 2

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day: 2

World Autism Day: 2

World Party Day: 3

Childhelp National Day of Hope: 4

National Fun at Work Day: 5

Hospital Admitting Clerks Day: 6

National Pie Day: 6-7

National Walk To Work Day: 6

National Kids Yoga Day: 6

National Beer Day: 7

No Housework Day: 7

National Love Our Children Day: 9

National Be Kind To Lawyers Day: 10

National Library Day: 10

National Sibling Day: 10

National Pet Day: 11

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day: 12

National Licorice Day: 12

Scrabble Day: 13

Dictionary Day: 14

Take a Wild Guess Day: 15

World Art Day: 15

National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day: 17

Bicycle Day: 19

Get to Know Your Customers Day: 19

High Five Day: 19

Husband Appreciation Day: 21

Earth Day: 22

Movie Theatre Day: 23

Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary’s Day: 25

Hug A Plumber Day or Plumbers Day: 25

International Guide Dogs Day: 25

Hairstylists Appreciation Day: 25

National Kids and Pets Day: 26

Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day: 26

National Dance Day: 28

National Superhero Day: 28

World Veterinary Day: 28

National Honesty Day: 30


Batman Day: 1

International Workers Day: 1

Stepmother’s Day: 1

Lemonade Day: 1

World Password Day: 3

International Firefighters Day: 4

World Give Day: 4

Cartoonists Day: 5

Cinco de Mayo: 5

Lemonade Day: 6

World Laughter Day: 6

National Teacher Day: 8

Bike To School Day: 9

Receptionists Day: 9

School Nurse Day: 9

Eat What You Want Day: 11

Baby Sitters Day: 12

International Nurses Day: 12

National Babysitters Day: 12

Hummus Day: 13

Mother’s Day: 13

National Chocolate Chip Day: 15

Mimosa Day: 16

International Virtual Assistants Day: 18

National Bike to Work Day: 18

Accountant’s Day: 21

National Wait Staff Day: 21

Victoria Day: 22

World Turtle Day: 23

Brother’s Day: 24

International Tiara Day: 24

National Wine Day: 25

National Paper Airplane Day: 26

Memorial Day: 28

Learn About Composting Day: 29

National Senior Health & Fitness Day: 30

What You Think Upon Grows Day: 31


Donut Day: 1

Say Something Nice Day: 1

National Trails Day: 2

Wonder Woman Day: 3

Hot Air Balloon Day: 5

YoYo Day: 6

National Cotton Candy Day: 11

National Jerky Day: 12

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day: 12

Superman Day: 12

Roller Coaster Day: 13

Flag Day: 14

National Nursing Assistants Day: 14

National Flip Flop Day: 15

Worldwide Day of Giving: 15

World Juggling Day: 16

Father’s Day: 17

International Sushi Day: 18

World Productivity Day: 20

International Day of Yoga: 21

National Selfie Day: 21

World Handshake Day: 21

HVAC Technicians Day: 22

National Eat At A Food Truck Day: 22

World Rainforest Day: 22

International Widows’ Day: 23

Harry Potter Day: 26

National Sunglasses Day: 27

National Haskap Berry Day: 30

Social Media Day: 30


Canada Day: 1

Fourth of July or Independence Day: 4

Bikini Day: 5

International Kissing Day / World Kiss Day: 6

Chocolate Day: 7

Tell The Truth Day: 7

Coca Cola Day: 8

Piña Colada Day: 10

Make Your Own Sundae Day: 11

Embrace Your Geekness Day: 13

National French Fries Day: 13

National Motorcycle Day: 13

National Macaroni and Cheese Day: 14

National Ice Cream Day: 15

National Give Something Away Day: 15

World Snake Day: 16

Disneyland Day: 17

World Emoji Day: 17

National Sour Candy Day: 18

Get to Know Your Customers Day:19

National Hot Dog Day: 19

International Cake Day: 20

National Lollipop Day: 20

Parents’ Day: 22

Cousins Day: 24

National Tequila Day: 24

International Self Care Day: 24

Video Games Day: 25

National Intern Day: 26

National Milk Chocolate Day: 28

Lasagna Day: 29

Father-In-Law Day: 30

Cheesecake Day: 30

Friendship Day: 30

National Mutt Day: 31


August is a month that oftentimes people take more vacation days and weeks off, so keep this in mind for your promotions.

Girlfriend’s Day: 1

World Wide Web Day: 1

National Coloring Book Day: 2

International Beer Day: 3

Friendship Day: 3

National Chocolate Chip Day: 4

National Kids’ Day: 5

Friendship Day: 5

Professional Speakers Day: 7

International Cat Day: 8

S’mores Day: 10

IBM PC Day: 12

Best Friends Day: 15

National Relaxation Day: 15

National Rollercoaster Day Day: 16

World Photo Day: 19

Cupcake Day: 20

Senior Citizen’s Day: 21

Brother’s Day: 25

National Dog Day: 26

National Bow Tie Day: 28

National Whiskey Sour Day: 29

National Grief Awareness Day: 30

World Daffodil Day: 31


Bacon Day: 1

National Tailgating Day: 1

Random Acts of Kindness Day or Be Kind Day: 1

World Beard Day: 1

Labor Day: 3

International Day of Charity: 5

Salami Day: 7

Banana Day: 8

International Literacy Day: 8

Grandparent’s Day: 9

International Chocolate Day: 13

National Programmers Day: 13

Hug Your Boss Day: 14

Google.com Day: 15

National Gymnastics Day: 15

National Stepfamily Day: 16

National Guacamole Day: 16

Play-doh Day: 16

National IT Professionals Day: 18

National Respect Day: 18

Talk Like A Pirate Day: 19

National String Cheese Day: 20

International Day of Peace: 21

Autumn: 22

National Singles Day: 22

Remote Employee Appreciation Day: 22

Punctuation Day: 24

World Pharmacists Day: 25

National Dumpling Day: 26

World Tourism Day: 27

National Drink Beer Day: 28

International Coffee Day: 29


National Hair Day: 1

World Vegetarian Day: 1

National Kale Day: 3

National Taco Day: 4

World Animal Day: 4

World Teachers Day: 5

World Smile Day: 5

National Forgiveness Day: 7

Thanksgiving Day: 8

National Pierogy Day: 8

National Face Your Fears Day: 9

Emergency Nurses Day: 10

World Mental Health Day: 10

World Sight Day: 11

I Love Yarn Day: 13

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day: 15

National Boss’s Day: 16

Dictionary Day: 16

National Pasta Day: 17

National Chocolate Cupcake Day: 18

Spirit Day: 18

United Nations Day: 24

International Artists Day: 25

Make A Difference Day: 27

Mother-in-Law Day: 28

Champagne Day: 28

National Chocolate Day: 28

Internet Day: 29

National Publicist Day: 30

Halloween: 31

National Knock-Knock Jokes Day: 31


National Authors’ Day: 1

Sandwich Day: 3

National Candy Day: 4

International Merlot Day: 7

Sesame Street Day: 10

Remembrance Day: 11

World Kindness Day: 13 

National Young Reader’s Day: 13

International Girls Day: 14

International Selfie Day: 14

National Pickle Day: 14

Operating Room Nurse Day: 14

National Philanthropy Day: 15

Guinness World Record Day: 17

National Adoption Day: 17

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: 19

National Entrepreneurship Day: 20

World Hello Day: 21

Thanksgiving Day: 22

Black Friday: 23

National Espresso Day: 23

Random Acts of Kindness Friday: 24

International Hat Day: 25

Cyber Monday: 26

Giving Tuesday: 27

Electronic Greetings Day: 29

Stay Home Because You’re Well Day: 30


Bartender Appreciation Day: 1

National Mutt Day: 2

National Sock Day: 4

International Ninja Day: 5

Miners’ Day: 6

Gingerbread Decorating Day: 8

Nobel Prize Day: 10

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day: 14

Yoga Day:  14

International Tea Day: 15

National Cupcake Day: 15

Wright Brothers Day: 17

Free Shipping Day: 20

Games Day: 20

Crossword Puzzle Day: 21

Winter: 21

Christmas Eve: 24

Christmas: 25

Boxing Day: 26

National Thank-you Note Day: 26

Bacon Day: 30

No Interruptions Day: 30

Make Up Your Mind Day: 31

New Years Eve: 31

There are even more holidays available each day, and even monthly and weekly holidays which I like using Brownielocks to find. The Brownielocks site has hundreds of more holidays that I didn’t include in this post.

Want to Create your Own Special Holiday?

You can submit your holiday to National Day Calendar and they will review and potentially approve your special holiday. You can also submit to Chases Calendar of Events and they will review your holiday.


For some ways to incorporate special holidays into your social media posts, read this post.


Need ideas for how to incorporate these holidays into your social media strategy?

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Are there important dates that I missed? What holidays do you celebrate in your business? I would love to hear your feedback and your cool promotions that you do with any special holidays during the year.