It’s no secret that building a strong following on social media can take a very long time. Businesses often have to spend years making posts before they are able to leverage their work properly, and some will toil away without making any real progress at all.

Of course, there are loads of tips around the web that can help you to produce and post content that will help you to gain followers, but how can you use other people’s accounts to boost your following? This post will be exploring a range of tips that will help you to improve your social media presence without making a single post on your own account.


Comment sections can be a very powerful place on social media, though many businesses ignore this. Many users will go straight to the comments on posts that they like, reading what other people have to say about them, and often moving onto the accounts that they see making the best comments.

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While you will want to avoid spamming other people’s accounts, leaving comments on popular posts can be a good way to draw attention to your own account. This works very well on sites like Instagram, though you can apply the same principle to a range of social platforms.


Working together has become a fundamental element of modern business culture, with many companies using social media to show how they are collaborating with other businesses.

There are a lot of different ways to approach this, with some companies choosing to work with content producers, and others preferring to work with businesses. Of course, you will need to bring something to the table if your partner will be posting on social media, but there are many ways to do this, especially if you sell or make a product. This method has proven to be an excellent way for companies to share followers with one another, though you might want to avoid working with direct competitors.


The last idea in this post is similar to collaboration, only you will be simply paying someone to make a post on your behalf. Influencer marketing has become a huge deal over the last few years, with companies like offering a range of popular models that will happily post for businesses. This can be a great way to build trust in your products, while also directing people to your social media accounts. Many companies use this as a way to host competitions and other promotions, using the extended reach of an influencer to spread the word about their work to as many people as possible.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of building your social media following without just posting on your own account. The methods above can be good, but you need to use them in conjunction with other ideas if you are going to find true success. Of course, though, this will only get easier over time.