Using video for social media is huge right now and there are so many possibilities to build your brand and business by using Facebook Live. You might be thinking, well I don’t have a budget to hire a professional videographer, or I don’t have time. This is not the case anymore!

You can now create videos quickly, inexpensively, and control how your video looks. Using Live video has a huge potential for your business, and you can do a Live video easily using your phone and some natural lighting.

What do I talk about on my Facebook Live video?

There is so much you can do with Live, from giving insight into a topic to providing your customer’s with useful tips. Here is a Live video I did on Facebook to teach people about the perfect social media post.


Here are some other ideas:

  • Behind the scenes.
    • You could show your manufacturing process, you creating a product, or showing you in action offering your service. Show people how your product is made and it will get people to feel closer to your brand. Ever wonder why ‘How it’s Made’ is such a popular show? Because people want to know how your product is made!
  • Show off your personality.
    • Have you ever been to a restaurant and the food was fine but it was the servers personality that really made the night awesome? It’s all about showing the personality of your brand, and sharing the people behind a brand. Maybe you do a weekly live show and you interview your staff. Or maybe you ask them to share a story about their favorite customer. These are great ways to include your staff in your social media, and highlight amazing customers at the same time.
  • Show everyone you aren’t perfect.
    • As hard as it is to show your flaws, people like to see vulnerability and people being real. Live video can show how approachable you are. If you are a lawyer?, or an accountant, or maybe a high profile person in the community, people might not feel like they can connect with you on a personal level.However, using Live video shows someone the person behind the title.
  • Get market insight.
    • What better way to see if your customers will like your product, than to ask them? Ask questions, and get input from your market, LIVE! Then you can implement the feedback quickly and be confident that you are launching a product your customers will love.
  • Groups.
    • If you have a Facebook group, you can do a Live video within that group. You could do a special, value-packed lesson or share interesting tips.  If you aren’t an admin to a group, ask to collaborate with the group admin of a group you belong to and pitch a show idea that you know their members would love.

How do I know Who Watched my Live Video?

If you do a Facebook Live video, there are built-in analytics that you can use to view watch time, engagement, views and peak live viewers.

using live video with your social media

A Facebook Live video I created for an event to describe what attendees will learn



There are so many interesting opportunities for incorporating Live video into your social media. Consider doing a Live video privately first to get the hang of it, and then just do it! Write a couple notes so that you stay on track, and then just try going Live. If you don’t like your video, you can always choose not to post it later, but the only way you will get comfortable doing it is with practice.

Have you tried Live video yet? Let me know in the comments!