Are you looking to increase your knowledge of social media? Here is a list of free social media courses available online to improve your social media marketing skills.

When I first started providing social media management I wanted to ‘up’ my social media marketing skills and knowledge so I took some courses and found a few good ones and also found some options while researching . Here are some free social media courses you can take online to improve your online marketing skills.

Hootsuite Social Marketing Course

Hootsuite offers an extensive social media course that covers the basics of each social media platform, how to optimize, content and advertising.

Throughout the course there are also quizzes, and a final certification you can take which helps ensure you absorb all the information.

HubSpot Inbound Course

The HubSpot Inbound Course is more than a social media marketing course, it is a complete online marketing course. It covers your website, attracting more customers, and converting online leads.

Facebook Blueprint

Where better to learn about Facebook than Facebook itself?

The Facebook Blueprint course does cover some basic Facebook and Instagram topics, but also goes into more advanced topics like Facebook advertising, conversions, dynamic ads and analytics.

facebook blueprint training for social media

There are a lot of modules to cover in this course and I am still going through them all, but the modules I have completed are very in-depth. You can also complete a certification course at the end which is useful if you are a social media manager or online marketing professional.

GCF Social Media Course

GCF LearnFree.Org offers a beginner social media course that provides video tutorials and information on topics like ‘how to Tweet’ to ‘How to use Snapchat’. If you are a beginner wanting to understand the basics of social media, this would be a great place to start.

I did notice however, that many of the courses haven’t been updated since 2015 or 2016, and since social media changes daily, you might miss out on important changes.

I didn’t view each video, but the ones I did view seemed to have good basic social media information.

Social Media Framework

I was feeling very unorganized and overwhelmed with everything- that I was posting to the right people on the right social media accounts (both for me and for my clients) and being as effective online as I could be.

free social media framework course

I spent a day getting planned, creating content calendars, and creating a system for being organized on social media. Since this helped me so much I decided to create the Social Media Framework course so I could share the information with others who might need it.

This social media course covers:

  • Pillar 1: Why Are you on Social Media, and Setting Goals
  • Pillar 2: Who are you speaking to on social media?
  • Pillar 3: What social media platform to use
  • Pillar 4: What content to post on social media (creating and curating content)

If you need to get organized on social media and feel more clear on your goals and purpose online, this free social media course should help.

What’s next? Once you take some of these introductory social media courses, you might want to optimize your social media accounts. You might want to take the Social Media Optimizer course which will help. You can check out details here.