Do you ever struggle with what to post on social media?

Need some new ideas to refresh your Facebook posts, or to incorporate into your social media strategy?

Here is a great new tool to use to not only find awesome creative social media post ideas, but actually create shareable social media images, and post directly to social media platforms too. (Plus, I am an affiliate, so when you use my link you help me too!)

Using PromoRepublic for social media

What is this magic tool I speak of? PromoRepublic helps you create creative social media posts based on holidays, trends, events and more. It’s easy, fast and creative too.

Create posts based on special holidays

When you use the calendar feature inside PromoRepulic, you can create social media posts inspired by fun holidays like National Love Your Pet Day and National Drink Wine Day (there really is a holiday for everything).

creative social media post ideas

The calendar in PromoRepublic shows you special holidays that you could create social media posts for.

How to incorporate special events into your social media:

  • If you are a restaurant, use special holidays like National Chili Day or World Bartender Day.
  • Pet Stores could use the National Dog Biscuit Day or National Love Your Pet Day.
  • Retail clothing stores could promote a sale or new clothing line on National Skirt Day.

There are so many creative ways to use these special holidays, and they provide many great pre-made posts for you to use.


Create social media posts based on past events

When you are in the calendar option of PromoRepublic and click on history, you can see important and interesting dates of previous events.

You can quickly scan through important dates in history to see if any of the dates align with your business.

  • A digital marketing company could do a post about how February 21, 1848, the first telephone book is issued, and ask their audience if they use a telephone book anymore, or even have one in their house.
    • They could even hold a contest and have people share funny photos of how they use their phone book.
  • A toy store or activity centre for children could share awesome quotes on March 2 and share that Dr. Seuss was born on that day in 1904.

There are so many cool ways you could use special dates from previous years to create shareable graphics, quotes, or hold contests to add some fun to your social media platforms.

Search hundreds of creative social media post ideas

When you click on Post Ideas within PromoRepublic, you can browse through hundreds of interesting post ideas. You can search based on your interests, what’s trending, promotions, and engaging content.

The category I find most interesting is Engage because there are so many amazing ‘choice’ questions like ‘would you rather’, guessing game posts and fun questions.


Easily create graphics

I am a huge fan of Canva and PromoRepublic has a very similar graphics creation app built right into their site. You can create posts, and also schedule them right from within their website.

With the PromoRepublic graphic creation website you can:

  • Create shareable social media graphics.
  • Use the pre-made templates for a quick and easy graphic.
  • Add text to social media graphics.
  • Change the background image, add icons, lines, decorations, shapes and frames to your graphics.

You can get started on PromoRepublic for free with my affiliate link. I purchased a plan for myself, and I highly recommend checking it out to see what you think. Join for free here.