Are you spending too much time each week creating your own content?

I have a big secret for you…. share your old content…. (Gasp)

When you create a great blog, video or podcast, you don’t need to stop sharing after one share. One piece of content can be re-shared multiple times.

“But won’t people get annoyed if I keep re-sharing the same thing?” Not if you re-share in different, interesting ways. Plus, there’s a good chance that not everyone saw the original post.

If you want more ways to creatively re-share your own content more than once, read below for some tips and ideas.

#1 Share the right content

First, start with a piece of content that is already popular with your audience. Use your social media analytics to see what posts received great engagement.

If you find a blog post that has way more traffic to it than any other post you have, and the read time is high, chances are it should be shared again!

Other ways to identify great pieces of re-shareable content:

  • A lot of social shares
  • High number of comments
  • People reaching out to you and praising that blog
  • Check your Google Analytics to see what pages and posts get the most traffic and read time.

Once you find a great piece of content that you want to re-share, check to make sure it is still relevant and trending (this is more if you have an old piece of content from a year or more ago to re-share):

  • Check Buzzsumo and Google Trends to see if the content is still popular. If you are thinking of resharing content from years ago, it still needs to be relevant.

#2 Break it down

Let’s say you had a blog post that had huge amounts of website traffic. You can take this blog and create a new piece of content, or simply take pieces of your existing post to share in new ways:

  • Do follow up posts.
  • Ask for industry insight into the post and do a round-up
  • Create an updated Slideshare including the information
  • Create an infographic
  • Create 3-4 graphics based on the post

I noticed in my Google Analytics that a blog post I had created a year ago was still getting a great amount of website traffic. Since people seemed to enjoy this content, I not only shared the link in the ‘regular way’, but I created a new, updated graphic for it to share again, plus created a SlideShare presentation using the same content, which resulted in an extra 903 views on the presentation.

Regular blog post share

creatively re-share your own content on social media

Updated graphic post

facebook creatively re-share your content on social media

Sometimes, all you need is a great, updated graphic to make an old, stale blog post look like new!

SlideShare presentation

Take a great blog post and turn it into a SlideShare presentation. I received an extra 903 views on my content just by turning it into a new format.


Once I had the SlideShare presentation created, I turned that presentation into a video which I shared on YouTube and got another 387 views. Some people prefer video format, and since videos receive such great reach and engagement, why not try turning your content into video form?

Other ways to share the same content:

  • cut a longer video into smaller chunks to share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • mention your content in Instagram Stories and Snapchat
  • share the content in your email newsletter
  • create a video slideshow on Facebook, using 4-8 images
  • create a GIF or animated graphic using Ripl

Be creative with how you re-share your content, and the possibilities are endless.

#3 Use smart tools

There are some amazing tools available to share your content for you and are so easy, it will feel like cheating.

Use a social media scheduler powerhouse combo like Buffer and Hiplay.

You can use the free version of Buffer and for only $5 a month you can add Evergreen (always relevant) content into Hiplay where it will keep getting shared for you at different days and times.

Make sure to write original text for each post and include one of your original images, short video, GIF or animated graphic. This can easily turn one post into 10-20 unique looking social media posts.

Other useful sharing tools:

Use tools that are available. They are there to make your life easier, and optimize your sharing.

#4 Share like the Pro’s

Have you ever wondered how social media influencer’s seem to have endless amounts of content? It’s because they work smart.

When Brian Fanzo of iSocial Fanz records his podcast episodes, he doesn’t just record the audio and post.

He goes live on Facebook, Periscope and Instagram so that the content not only lives on his podcast, but then he has video content on Facebook and Periscope. He is also reaching so many more people, and if people like that content, chances are, they will go and check out his podcast too.

Brian works smart and uses his podcast recording as content for Facebook, Periscope and Instagram.

Brian isn’t the only social media influencer to do this smart move. I’ve seen Amy Schmittauer of SavvySexySocial go live on Periscope to record her podcast episodes. Gary Vaynerchuk is quite possibly the best at turning one piece of content into multiple pieces. He takes his videos and shares clips on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. He shares longer videos on Facebook, but also shorter video clips featuring sections of a video. And he shares these more than once.

While new and fresh content is great, take the content that you do have and re-use it creatively on other platforms, keeping the specific platform in mind when you do decide to do this. That way you can take full advantage of all the great content you’ve already created for social media.

Do you creatively re-share your content on social media? Share with me in the comments below!