Have you ever felt stuck for a new idea?

No idea for what to share in a social media post?

I know I have. Some days I am overwhelmed with too many ideas and other days… nothing.

For the days that you need a little inspiration, here are 5 idea generation tools to use to get your creative juices flowing and give you an endless supply of social media post ideas.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a really interesting website where you type in a keyword and it brings up different questions, subjects and an in-depth topic visual that you can use as subjects for social media posts, videos, podcast episodes and blog posts.

Answer The Public idea generation the social launch

At http://answerthepublic.com, type in a keyword and it generates a really cool visual that has 100+ ideas for social media and your blog

Promo Republic

Promo Republic is one of my favourite tools (and I like tools!). Why? Because it gives you customized ideas for social media posts based on trending content, fun holidays and themes based on what you are interested in. Plus, it provides you with interesting graphics to include and allows you to customize those.

The different themes within Promo Republic:

  • Productivity Tips
  • Game of Thrones
  • Back to School
  • Hacks
  • Travel
  • Days/ Months ie. Special days or ‘Happy August’ type posts
  • Engaging content such as contests, promos, questions, polls
  • Facebook ads

Not only are there amazing ideas within this tool, but also a social media scheduler and planning calendar. Promo Republic starts at $9/month but you can grab a free month here. (Note, I am an affiliate, so I may get a small comission when you use my link).


Quora is seriously like a goldmine of information. Go to Quora to help provide other people with answers to their questions, or go to ask your own question.

Based on your interests, there will be hundreds of questions and answers surrounding these topics. Everything from restaurants to marketing, books and the body, people are asking questions, and if they are asking on Quora, chances are they would make great content on your blog or as a social media post topic.



You can use Pinterest to find ideas, and also see how popular content is.

Try searching for a topic in Pinterest and then see how many times that pin has been saved. Then you can see if other people find that content interesting.

ideas for social media pinterest

You can also compare if more people are saving infographics versus graphics to blog posts to determine whether you should be creating more infographics, or if writing blog posts should be where you should f0cus your attention.


Image Sites

I get inspired by scrolling through beautiful photos, am I alone here?

Sometimes when I can’t think about what to post about and I scroll through beautiful images, it makes me think in a different way and think about new post ideas, or videos to create, etc.

Beautiful free image sites:

One reason why I love Instagram so much is that you can see so many different photos quickly, and depending on the accounts you follow and interact with, you can get so much inspiration quickly from the amazing photos shared.

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How do you get your ideas for social media and blog posts? Share with me below!