I received an excellent question from Sheila in the Social Media Optimizer Course:
Is there any value in verifying your Facebook page?
Thank you, Sheila, this is a fantastic question.
Although it’s not a necessary step on your Facebook page, it does have some benefits.
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If you are a public figure, ie. speaker, artist, musician, actor, getting verified would be more important so that fans know it is an official Facebook page versus a fan page or unofficial page.

For a business page, the pro’s to getting your page verified is:

  • your page will rank higher in the search results (Facebook tells you this when you go to verify your page)
  • it adds a level of legitimacy and lets people know that the page is recognized as the official brand page.
  • if a duplicate page is created, users will know your page is the official page.

So while it isn’t necessary to be verified, it does have a couple benefits.

How to verify your Facebook page

Step 1: Go to your business Facebook page.
Step 2: Click on Settings at the top right corner of your page.
Step 3: Click on page verification at the top.
Step 4: You need to request a code and receive a phone call. Enter your business phone number.
Step 5: Once you receive the code, enter in the space available.
how to verify your facebook page
Your page should now be verified with a grey check mark on your page.

What if I don’t have the page verification option?

Once I shared the tutorial for how to verify your page, I got some questions from people who didn’t have the page verification option.
I did some searching on Facebook Support and found that this option isn’t available to every page, though not a lot of information as to if it will be given to every page.

If you don’t have the Facebook Page verification option:

  • check your page in 2 weeks to see if it was added to your page
  • contact Facebook Support to request access to the verification option
Depending on your region, your page might not have access to the page verification option. You might also not have access because you are missing some information on your page, so make sure you have your About section filled completely.
Is your Facebook page verified? As a Facebook user is this something that you notice on pages?