Public relations can be a fickle thing to manage. You’ll find that your PR representatives are often more akin to artists than scientists. This is because gaining the favour of your audience can be more difficult than simply following the standard ‘rules’ everyone expects you to. To this end, avoiding the stickier issues and learning how to manage your image will become second nature should you let it.

However, we often fail to understand that PR influence is not solely decided based on how carefully you plan your social media presence, how clever your advertisement is, or how public-facing you are. Just like the content of character being the true worth of a person, our business behaviour and principles can, to the largest extent, dictate our personal PR policies.

Stepping into PR blunders can be a nightmare, and feel like one too. It’s sticky to get out of them, and sometimes you might find yourself in the midst of something difficult you cannot improve, something that might have caused permanent damage. This is where it’s best to ignore your current approach and try for something better.

With these tips, avoiding stepping in PR blunders will be an essential way forward:

Ensure Your Ship Is Watertight

We often think of PR blunders as the large, hulking issues that cause us to be on the front page news for weeks. But often, those aren’t the most insidious, because often when everything is revealed, things can die down more quickly. The most sinister PR blunders are those that happen in secret, against your better judgement, without your ability to rectify them. For example, it might be that your advertisement outreach is simply outdated. Without the ability to automate Google Ads management, you might be providing links to outdated web pages, potentially putting out an old and defunct image of your business. Is this as damaging as a controversy? We’d say more so, as it can rob you of business like a black hole, whereas even controversy can be a means to raise your profile.

Staff Treatment

More and more reports of staff strikes, mistreatment and product ‘crunch’ are coming out each and every week, and it’s leading to a culture of defiance against corporate ‘overlords.’ Do not allow your staff to beat this drum, not by limiting their legal action or right to protest, but by giving them a positive package, by allowing them to grow in their role, by investing in your people and staying ahead of the culture there.

Incorrect Vetting

Vetting is essential. You need to be on top of your client connections, your suppliers, and the reputation you condone and put out there. Your actions will suggest what you justify and how you wish to proceed as a firm. This can all be taken the wrong way. This is why viewing each action as a form of marketing is essential.

With these tips, you’re certain to avoid stepping into many PR blunders.