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Leslie McDermid is a social media specialist, blogger and provides communications, marketing and social media options for small businesses and companies.

The Value Of Humanising Your Business Marketing

Most consumers have a skill that they may not even realise they utilise, but they do, and they utilise it daily. Put simply, consumers are thoroughly skilled in ignoring marketing and promotional speak. After all, not every business can offer the best and most promising product or service, can they? In other words, consumers are [...]

The Value Of Humanising Your Business Marketing2022-09-01T02:04:39-04:00

How to Eliminate Workplace Distractions

Distractions at work are all too common and companies can really struggle to hit targets and complete work on time when these distractions get out of hand. So what can you do to make sure that you and your team aren’t endlessly distracted while trying to work? We’re going to talk today about some of [...]

How to Eliminate Workplace Distractions2022-02-04T15:37:18-05:00

Making Your Website Work With Social Media

Your social media presence and your website should work together to get you maximum leverage for the minimum price. Making this happen requires strategy. With that in mind, here are some tips on how best to make your website work with your social media (and vice versa). Make sure your website is easy to use [...]

Making Your Website Work With Social Media2021-12-13T17:15:51-05:00

Essential Things to do Before Launching a Home-Based Business

Running a business from their own home is something many people dream of doing. Having complete control over the time you spend working and being free to make your own decisions certainly makes running a business from home an appealing prospect. There are many positive reasons to start a home-based business, but before you rush [...]

Essential Things to do Before Launching a Home-Based Business2021-12-05T20:59:29-05:00
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