Are you spending too much time on social media?

Would you like to increase your productivity online and still look like a rockstar on social media?

In this post, you will learn 3 super-simple ways to be more productive and save time on social media.


# 1 Focus on what’s important

You want to spend your time on the right social media platforms for your business, and also create the best-performing content for your audience.

Know what content your audience enjoys

It takes a long time to create content whether it’s a blog post, video or podcast. Make sure the content you are creating is interesting to your audience so that you aren’t wasting time creating something that no one reads/ watches or listens to.

One way to check what your audience enjoys is obviously by engagement levels on social media. You can easily check this by looking into your analytics or insights.

I can see that videos are outperforming any other post, so obviously I need to create more videos for social media. You might be surprised at your results, so take a few minutes each month to see what’s working and create more of that.

You can also use Google Analytics to see what’s performing well for your platforms and what content is performing well.

Check the behaviour section to see what content works well with your audience. You want to also check the bounce rate and read time to see how long people are reading. I noticed my bounce rate is quite high, so I need to check the quality of referrals as well as if my website loads properly in mobile, etc.

See what social media platform is working best for you.

Check your social media platforms and see where you get the most engagement, messages and inquiries on that specific platform. You can also check Google Analytics to see where most of your traffic is coming from.

I can see that I get a lot of traffic from Twitter and Facebook, but even though LinkedIn brings in less traffic, people are reading for a longer time. I wouldn’t want to stop using LinkedIn, but if I didn’t check this, I wouldn’t know.

Although Instagram doesn’t bring in a lot of website traffic, I know that I use my one Instagram URL to often direct to my podcast on iTunes, so I need to measure this platform in a different way. Make sure to keep these little things in mind when you are considering stopping one platform. Instagram might not be driving a lot of website traffic, but if you are getting leads and good messages directly in Instagram, chances are it is still working well for you.

Using analytics data is only a starting off point, you still need to use your judgement and be aware of why you are getting phone calls and where they saw you and your business.


#2 Streamline to use tools that matter

There are hundreds of social media tools to choose from and the choices can get overwhelming.

Don’t worry about what everyone else is using, you need to decide what tools are most important to you.

Research, try, decide, and streamline.

If you are currently using a tool for social media, say for example, a social media scheduler, and are happy with that tool, continue using it. If something is working really well, is within your budget and is making your life easier, than use it!

However, if the tool you are using is causing you more grief than good, reach out and ask what others are using, research the tool, use it, and judge for yourself. Just because someone else enjoys it doesn’t mean you will, so you need to test for yourself.

Tools to use:

  • Organizing -Content calendar (I use a simple excel spreadsheet), notes for hashtags (I use the HashMe app and notes app to organize).
  • Social media management tool- I use Hootsuite and Buffer because they are easy to use and affordable.
  • Graphic creation tools- I use Canva, Relay and Promo Republic.
  • Other time-savers that I can’t go without- Hiplay App and Filmora.


# 3 Share content

Content curation is a powerful way to share your opinion on a subject and give a shout-out to someone else who created a great piece of content.

If you have limited time to spend on social media for your business, creating a huge amount of content can be tough, but sharing others’ content is very valuable.

Using news aggregators like Pocket and Feedly to find amazing content and sharing on your social media accounts will keep your social media accounts consistent and saves you time creating your own content.

Nuzzle is an awesome mobile app that you can use to see what your connections are sharing, and you can share those articles too.

Other ways to use shared content:

  • Ask for guest bloggers to write posts on your site
  • Sharing great blog posts that your audience would enjoy
  • Ask for industry insight from leaders to create round-up posts
  • Interviews
  • Sharing relevant news articles

Sharing someone else’s content is a huge compliment to that person (as long as you give that person credit of course), plus, it gives your audience some valuable content, and mixes up your typical content. It could also potentially save you hours of time that you won’t be writing or creating your own content.

Do you have any awesome time-saving tips for social media that you could share? I would love to hear about them. Share in the comments below!