One thing I always seem to have are projects to keep me occupied in my free time, but some people might struggle with what to do when you have too much free time.

If you find yourself with too much time on your hands, (and want to take advantage of that time!) here is a list of productive things you can do.

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Read a New Business Book

One great thing to do when you have too much free time, is to read new Business Books.

I am currently reading Rich Dad Poor Dad which I’ve actually had for awhile and am not sure why I waited so long, because it’s fantastic! I think it’s especially good to read right now, with the uncertainty in the world with work and not being able to be out in public, because it shares insights into being wealthy, building assets, and how to build your wealth.

I’m also listening to Becoming by Michelle Obama on Audible.

Some of my other favourite Business Books are:


Another way I enjoy a new book is to listen to it on Audible. You can get 2 free audiobooks when you sign up here.

Start on Online Course

Do you have a topic that you’re passionate about, or maybe just know a lot about, and you enjoy speaking about it? You might have a perfect topic for an online course.

Not only can creating an online course be rewarding because you’re helping others, but you can also start to make some income from it!

For my online courses I use Thinkific, which is a super-easy, professional course creation platform. It makes it very simple to add all your content- videos, audio, downloads, etc. and also has the option to create tests and certificates.

Enjoy a New Hobby

One thing that was really fun that I just did with my kids is start a vegetable garden. (We bought something similar to this mini indoor greenhouse).

indoor greenhouse

We bought a small indoor greenhouse kit, some seeds, and started planting! It was fun for the boys to do and then once it’s warm enough outside, we can start planting our vegetable garden.

Learn Something New

When you have time on your hands, it’s a great time to learn something new, whether its a new skill, language, etc.

One platform that is fantastic and offers hundreds of training so you can Learn online, is Skillshare.

On Skillshare, you can learn about Marketing, Social Media, Business, Entrepreneurship, and more. They also have creative classes like watercolours, creative writing, graphic design and more.

For only $20/month (or less if you pay annually), you can also get 30% off here.

One other thing you could learn that would benefit both your personal life, and your business would be goal setting, and deciding exactly what you want in life. This seems like kind of a big thing to undertake, but what better time to really decide what you want in life, make a plan, set goals, and start making things happen.

Jack Canfield is one person who I follow that truly helps make this process easier (see his book The Success Principles above!). I recently sat in on one of his webinars, and he always shares excellent, insightful and inspiring information.

If you want a roadmap to achieving a big, ambitious goal and create an extraordinary life, his 6- week ‘Your Extraordinary Life Plan‘ program can help with that.

He also has a free webinar to get started called “6 Steps to Achieve Any Goal and Create an Extraordinary Life” and a Free 10 days of Training to Discover the Path to Living the Life of Your Dreams!


There are so many different ways to spend your free time productively, what is your favourite thing to do with extra time? Share with me in the comments!