In the midst of COVID-19 and everyone being socially distanced, many businesses have had to adjust and think outside the box.

I absolutely love some of the innovative things businesses, both local, and globally, are doing right now in order to continue to serve their customers, and offer their products and services in a unique way.

Here are 3 businesses who are offering their business in a new, innovative way.

Retail Store: Island Home Outfitters

I live on the beautiful Manitoulin Island in Canada, and one local business here, Island Home Outfitters, is offering a unique shopping experience to customers.

Since COVID-19 and they have had to close their doors to walk in shoppers, owners Jennie and Ashley have started posting videos featuring new products their customers might want to buy!

This video below shares ideas for new indoor and outdoor dinnerware. If there is something you see on the video, you can call or message them to purchase! What an innovative way to continue to serve their customers, show them new products available, and continue to provide their service to their local community.

Are you a retail store? Could you do something similar?


Hair Salon: Talk of the Town Salon and Day Spa

In Sudbury, Ontario, Talk of the Town Salon and Day Spa, a Salon that has closed temporarily due to COVID-19, decided to offer their hair services in a unique way.

Since their customers can’t go into the salon to have their hair done, they put together root touch up kits available for people to do at home! What a fantastic offer to clients, and a truly innovative way to keep serving their customers in a valuable way.

Are you a hair salon that has been affected by COVID-19? Could you do something similar?


Distillery: Crosscut Distillery

Crosscut Distillery in Sudbury produces Vodka, Gin and Whisky, however, due to COVID-19, decided to change their focus and start producing sanitizer, due to the high need of it.

Not only did they produce sanitizer to send to hospitals, but they collaborated with other local businesses to make it happen.

crosscut distillery innovative during covid-19

Are you a local business that could collaborate with other businesses to provide a useful product or service in a time like this?

These are just 3 innovative businesses who have truly adjusted their products and services amidst the COVID-19 epidemic.

Do you know of a business who has adjusted during this time? Share with me in the comments!