To say that marketing is vital to business would be an understatement. In many ways, marketing IS business. A product won’t get you anywhere unless you get the word out. This is where customers come from, and it’s your only chance at success.

In many areas of business, we’re all too aware of this. Sadly, not every field is as up to date when it comes to marketing attempts. Unsurprisingly, these are sectors which have faced their fair share of struggles over the years. Hence why it’s past time they jumped on the marketing bandwagon.

Of course, loud ad campaigns aren’t always the best way to go here. For the most part, it’s these that such sectors have been avoiding all along. But, not wanting to get loud doesn’t mean you can’t still shout about your business. For proof of that, let’s look at the marketing paths these three forgotten sectors could take.



Unsurprisingly, healthcare comes top of this list. It makes sense. It does seem a little insensitive to advertise something like this, after all. Healthcare is hardly a service we seek for our pleasure. But, struggles across the healthcare industry suggest we need to tackle this. If you run a healthcare company, consider how you could market without cheapening what you do. A fantastic way to do this would be to keep advertisements in keeping with your company ethics. You don’t have to splash bright branded logos all over the place. Instead, create subtle posters with statistics which are sure to see future patients giving you a call. It’s muted marketing, and it could be the thing you’re looking for.


Aside from daytime ads for personal injury lawyers, law is another area which struggles with marketing. Again, this is a tricky subject. You don’t want people to think you’re greedily seeking their misfortunes. Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t have options here. As with healthcare, you need to play to your strengths. Bear in mind that the majority of clients will seek recommendations in this field. You may be best, then, to focus on ad campaigns to clients you already have in the bag. That way, you can keep yourself fresh in their minds, and increase the chances of recommendation. By turning to companies who offer IT Consulting and Strategy for lawyers, you can keep your computers ticking. That ensures you can automate marketing emails on a regular basis without worry.


Last, we have education. Again, this isn’t the type of thing you see splashed on the walls of the subway. And, that makes sense. Education’s meant to be sophisticated. But, that doesn’t mean marketing is out of reach. Instead, consider educational ways to catch the attention of young audiences. YouTube is fantastic for this, as you could film video tasters for your classes. Even Instagram could work for this if you make use of stories and IGTV. Get this right, and you can catch their attention and teach them all at the same time.