Do you need social media event coverage for your large or small event in Sudbury but don’t have the time or knowledge?

Do you need someone for a short time (maybe only 3 hours) to help get the word out about your event (and a limited budget)?

Businesses in Sudbury who need social media help- this service is for you!

Live Social Media Coverage is about sharing an event while it is happening, while engaging with attendees as they share their own experiences. It allows local Sudbury residents who don’t have the opportunity to attend live to be a part of your event.

Don’t have your social media accounts set up? Don’t worry, I do that too.

social media sudbury event coverage

Why do you need live social media coverage for your Sudbury event?

  • Social Media event promotion strategy
  • Cover your event in real time
  • Engage with event attendees as well as listeners/ viewers at home or work
  • Provide analytics and engagement report
  • Event Recap or Blog post write up
  • Facebook Live, live ‘tweeting’, Instagram stories and Snapchat

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to connect on social media, or contact me. I can help answer any questions you have about social media (or find out for you. Let’s be real, I don’t know everything).